Green initiatives are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. From your bathroom and breakroom supplies, all the way down to the writing tools you use at your desk, there is always a way to be more conscious of the environment. Here are some ways your workplace can become eco-friendly in all areas.

88% of Americans Believe Having Green Initiatives is Very Important 

Recycled Office supplies

Office supplies are a great opportunity in switching to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Many products offer recycled options with no decline in quality –

  • Refillable or Recycled pens
  • Recycled sticky notes
  • Recycled/FSC® paper (or just going digital!)

Opting for recycled options does not mean you will be missing out on high-quality products. Our recycled office product options offer great quality while helping the environment.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom

You don’t think twice about washing your hands, drying them with a paper towel and throwing it into the trash – but maybe you should. The paper towels we use add up. Every year, people in the US use nearly 13 billion pounds of paper towels. So, to decrease the effect this has on our environment you can make a switch to a more eco-friendly option –

  • Recycled paper towels
  • Hand dryers

Another problem area in the bathroom is the excess amount of water that comes out of the faucet. To avoid this, install motion sensor faucets so your office is only using the water they need.

Environmentally-Friendly Breakroom

The workplace breakroom is where a lot goes on. Employees often use plastic utensils to eat on plastic or paper plates and then clean up your mess with hazardous chemicals. Some products you can switch to be a little more green are:

  • Biodegradable plates
  • Utensils made from plant starch
  • Recycled napkins
  • Organic or homemade cleaning products
  • Cups made from renewable resources
  • Recyclable K-Cups
    • Keurig® K-Cup Grounds to Grow On recycling program
  • Diffuser instead of air fresheners that contain toxic chemicals

 Green Initiatives Habits

The overall habits in the workplace can be a deciding factor in whether or not your office is an environmental disaster. Forgetting to turn the lights off, keeping your electronics running overnight, and many other things can be wasteful and damaging to the environment around us. Some good habits for forming an environmentally friendly workplace include:

  • Keeping a recycling bin next to every trash can in the office with instructions on what to recycle
  • Powering down electronics when you go home for the night
  • Utilize natural lighting and less artificial light
    • Motion sensors can help reduce overuse in less trafficked areas
  • Encouraging carpooling or allow people to work at home some days out of the week to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Eliminating paper towels in the bathroom with hand dryers
  • Welcoming plants into the office
  • Updating mailing lists to avoid over-sending
  • Going digital

These are just a limited amount of ways your office can become environmentally friendly. You have to take the initiative to go green and stick with it to see results. We challenge you to encourage others along the way – make it a competition between offices or employees, create a voluntary “green team” to help stay mindful of your company’s green initiatives. Check out our website to view our eco-friendly products and move your company forward on the journey to go green.

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