Many professionals often throw out cartridges too early due to a common misconception that there is no toner left. This leads to a large amount of wasted toner and money.

The average rate of toner waste by companies is 18%.


Businesses can combat this issue of toner waste by using the Office360 Auto Cartridge+ (AC+) system. Many of our customers, including JWS Machine’s and Miller’s Health Systems, have enabled the Office360 AC+ system into their operations and witnessed a significant decrease in their toner waste. JWS Machine’s average toner waste dropped to 3% and Miller’s Health Systems new average was 2%. By simply implementing this new auto-cartridge system into the workplace, exponential amounts of toner and money saved.

How does it work?

The Office360 AC+ system takes out the manual approval process, making replacing cartridges easy. The system is set up to automatically order new toner when it’s running low by using the PrintFleet Data Collection Agent (DCA). The Office360 AC+ software is provided at no cost and installation support is provided by a dedicated support team via web conference to ensure the system is properly setup.


PrintFleet Data Collection Agent (DCA)

The PrintFleet DCA essentially monitors and manages all toner services. It can track both color and monochrome printing amounts, allowing businesses to see where employees are unnecessarily printing in color. The system also provides customizable email alert options to set when toner reaches a certain level. Depending on if a printer is of high or low use, each printer can have their toner order threshold set individually. For instance, high use printers have a higher demand for toner, therefore their order threshold can be set to ship toner earlier. With the help of the PrintFleet DCA, the Office360 Auto Cartridge+ (AC+) system does all the work, ensuring businesses are using toner to their maximum potential to make sure no toner or money is going to waste.


  • Cost savings
    • Less toner waste
    • Less labor
      • No manual approval process
      • Monitor toner levels on all printers from one location
    • Reduce or eliminate the need for costly inventory
  • Convenience & Ease of Use
    • One time setup
    • No time spent searching for right toner
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Longer use of cartridges, less waste


Make the change today, you won’t regret it!