It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, the air is crisp, traffic is slowly creeping along the interstate and all you can think of is that cup of Joe you’re going to enjoy as soon as you walk into the office. Every morning when you get into work, you go directly to the break room. Before you go through your emails and begin your day, you make yourself a cup of Green Mountain French Vanilla coffee in the Keurig with one packet of Splenda and two shots of French vanilla creamer (Yes, you like your coffee very sweet.). In under a minute, you have yourself a warm cup of Joe to take back to your desk and enjoy as you take on your day.

Did you know: 50% of all Americans drink coffee? That is more than 150 million people in just the United States! Among coffee drinkers, 3.2 cups are consumed per day in the US. Some people need it in the morning while others prefer it as an afternoon pick-me-up – some prefer both! Due to the large demand for coffee, specifically at an office, companies typically spend between $50 and $125 per employee, per year.

Coffee has various benefits which may be why companies often provide it for their employees. Some of these benefits are improved health and productivity. The caffeine in the coffee itself is a stimulant and will help keep you alert and focused. It is also very rich in antioxidants (It has more antioxidants than red wine, green, or black teas!) which can increase your heart health and decrease your risk of some cancers, depression, liver diseases, and much more! Additionally, taking coffee breaks is proven to help improve productivity as frequent mental breaks are very important. So next time you question whether you should go make yourself a cup of coffee, I say do it!

Unfortunately, your coffee-drinking habits can also cause harm if not kept under control. Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety and trouble sleeping. Caffeine is addictive and therefore can cause withdrawal symptoms when you skip your daily cup. These symptoms may include but are not limited to irritability, exhaustion, and headaches.

Overall, studies have shown that coffee can actually boost your health. As you sip on that warm cup of Green Mountain French Vanilla, you may actually be helping prolong your life! Just remember to monitor your caffeine consumption.

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