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Our job is to make your life easier and your business more efficient. It all starts with an order. When you order your usual office supplies through us, you can also order your promotional items. VP of Workplace Branding, Mitra Parsapour says “Adding promotional items to their product mix is logical for customers.  When a customer’s promo items are already in inventory in our warehouse, with a few clicks they can be added to an order & shipped the next day.” Avoid the hassle of buying your different products from different places, and just shop with us. 

Office360 couldn’t manage all that we do without our incredible staff. Members of the Office360 team are always ready to help a client. Our staff constantly goes above and beyond for every customer, no matter the size of their order or their business. In order to alleviate stress for our clients, we offer to take over their inventory management. If they forget to place their usual order, we can easily do it for them, and if they are looking for a new specific item, we put in all the work and resources we can to find it for them. Ensuring that our promo customers’ needs are met is a top priority. In these pandemic times, filling orders is a bit trickier. However, our staff has never stopped putting the needs of our clients first. Want to learn more about how the supply chain disruption is impacting promo? Check out Office360’s latest blog

Office360 WarehouseUnique Warehousing

As a company, we take pride in our large warehousing abilities. We store anything from furniture to stacks of copy paper. One unique thing we do is store our customers’ promo items in our facilities. After ordering large quantities of promotional items, we have the ability to keep them within our warehouse to distribute to our customers whenever they need them. This is a great opportunity for small businesses that may not have enough storage space at their business but still want to use promotional products. This works just as well for larger companies that may have several different branches in the area. When a certain branch may need more of an item, our trucking services can easily distribute the stored products to them. No longer do you have to store items at a central office.

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