With the winter season approaching, it’s crucial to prepare in all aspects. Winter weather is unpredictable, so making sure you have all of the essential items to keep employees and customers safe is necessary. You want to avoid/prevent things like employee injuries, cracked and busted pipes, slipping, loss of documents from power outages, and more. Follow along with this blog for a checklist of items you should always have on hand during the winter months.

Ice Melt

The outside of a business is an essential part of proper winter care. You want to make sure there is no ice where people could potentially slip and hurt themselves. Most places have people coming in and out of their building all day long, including customers, employees, delivery drivers, mail carriers, and so many more. You want to avoid the risk that anyone falls and injures themself on your property because of poor building care. Make it a priority to spread ice melt or rock salt when necessary, so entering your business isn’t an unpleasant and risky situation.

Surge Protectors


During a time of severe weather, you need to have surge protectors on hand. Storms and high winds can lead to power outages that could result in lost documents that you may never recover. Surge protectors can help protect your computer files during any power outages. You should take all precautions along with surge protectors as well, but they are an additional tool to help protect sensitive data. Encourage employees to always back up files with any cloud-based storage to reduce to risk of lost files.

Shovels and Snow Blowers

Snow Blowers

Shoveling snow is a dreaded winter task, but it needs to happen. Have a shovel on hand at every entrance of the building to ensure you can conveniently clear walkways. Make sure the shovel is labeled for the snow to keep the process as efficient as possible. Another thing that all businesses may want to invest in is a snowblower. The amount of snow you will be clearing will decide which snowblower to get, but they are great as a quicker alternative to a shovel.

Floor Mats

Floor mat

Floor mats are essential for the wintertime. Having somewhere to wipe your feet from the wet snow will keep your floors clean and everyone safe. Walking into a building with wet shoes from the conditions outside is a recipe for disaster if there is no floor mat. You want a space where people can wipe their feet at every entrance.

Caution Signs

caution signs

With excess water from snow, flurries, rain, etc., you will need to have caution signs on deck. The entryways of buildings are bound to get wet and slippery at some point, so have signage to warn people walking in and out. If someone tracks ice in, it’s going to melt, creating a puddle that could cause some damage. Put caution signs throughout the building so you can warn people of any potentially dangerous situations.


winter equipment

Equipment that you use during the summer and spring months may not be necessary for the winter, so be sure to store them properly. Maintenance equipment before storing by draining fuel or checking them to ensure they are ready to go the next time you need them. You should also maintain any equipment you will need for the winter season. Be sure all items have oil that needs it and check the operation frequently. 

Slip-Resistant Tape

non-slip tape

Along with floor mats to prevent slipping, the slip-resistant tape can take it to the next level of protection. Apply a strip at all entrances to help people gain traction when coming inside the building.

First-Aid Kit

first aid kit for winter

A first-aid kit is another essential in case someone slips and falls or needs immediate attention. Keeping one on hand could be enough to help out in an urgent situation until an ambulance or medic can get there, so it’s crucial to have it on hand.

Check off these items on your list, and you are sure to have a successful winter season. You have to stay prepared for all situations, especially in a time of severe weather. Use this checklist as a guide to keeping your employees and customers safe and your facility running smoothly.

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