Buying locally-made and manufactured products is an investment in yourself and your neighbor’s future. Supporting and purchasing Made in America products is not just about patriotism, but about growing the economy, creating and maintaining jobs, and an all-around better future for the country. Local products bolster the community that makes them, by purchasing them, you are supporting the community as well. 

It may seem obvious why you should purchase Made in USA products over products made in other countries. Although, if you are still feeling unsure, here are some supplementary reasons. 

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Jobs For Future Generations in America

If American manufacturing ends, so do many jobs. This can wreak havoc on future generations when it comes to unemployment. Factories and manufacturing plants provide hundreds of jobs and support entire towns and communities. Buying Made in America products will support these factories so they can continue to keep their employees, pay them a living wage, and keep the community running. Made in America products push money back into our own economy, it goes to the people that made the products who then make more products and support other Made in America products. It is a cycle that will continue to benefit our communities. 

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The Environmental Impact

Every country has its own standards on how much waste, and how many emissions factories can put into the environment. The U.S. holds companies to a higher standard with their federal and state environmental regulations. The factories are cleaner and there’s less transportation used to get the products to you. This means less fuel used for transportation, and fewer emissions put into the atmosphere. Made in America products don’t cause as large of an ecological footprint since they don’t have to be flown or shipped across oceans. 

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Humane Labor Standards

It is no secret that many factories used by American companies in other countries are not treating or paying their employees fairly. America can enforce living wages and clean, safe working conditions. When importing goods from other countries, we cannot control what conditions the products were manufactured in. Outsourced products that are cheaply manufactured in another country are most likely cheap because they’re made in a sweatshop. Buying these products supports violations against workers abroad. This is, of coarse, not applicable to all foreign factories, although it is extremely common in fast fashion and with large corporations.

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Better Quality

Along with better-paid treated employees comes harder workers. Treating your employees right will motivate them to work harder since they know they will be rewarded. Dedicated, happy, hard working employees are an aspect that contributes to the high quality that comes along with the Made in America sticker on a product. The slightly higher price tag on Made in America products are a result of higher quality, longer-lasting, expertly crafted product. It is definitely worth your money to purchase Made in America products. 

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