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Open Filing Style


Bookcases are a great organizational choice when quick and easy access is needed. You can store any size book or folder, as well as decorative items. Having a bookcase allows you to personalize the shelves with your pictures while still filing your work items. It is also an item that can be used as décor itself. Having a large wooden case or even a minimalist metal one can both be used as focal points in an office.


Shelves are a great resource when needing to save some space. Whether you use hanging shelves, standing shelves, plastic, wood, or metal, they all work to clear some floor space while still providing organization. Similar to bookcases, it is a very easy way to find what you are looking for quickly. Shelves also limit losing a lot of items by having a unique spot for each item. Not only do they make organizing easy, but they are also easy to assemble. They might come in several different pieces but with some simple tools, they can be put together in no time.

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Closed Filing Style

File Cabinets

The best thing about filing cabinets is that they hold large amounts of files, without taking up large amounts of space. It is a common piece of furniture in an office setting and allows several different branches in a department to file stuff in one single unit. Filing cabinets also come with security measures. They can be locked when not in use, and you can also buy fire-proof cabinets to insure important items do not get destroyed.


Having drawers in your office creates more storage and another design element. Anything can be placed inside drawers and organized within, but they also provide more storage on top. Depending on the height of the drawer unit, it can be used to display more personal items or even a coffee area. Drawers also help provide easy access to everyday items. Having a couple under your desk allows you to reach for things that you use every day. Since they are a closed filing style, some security features ensure your items are contained within.

Organized desk setup

Maximize Productivity with Desk Organization

When setting up your workspace, there are hundreds of different styles and designs that can be made. However, the best way to set up is by intending to optimize productivity. Here are some key factors that could help. Facing your desk towards a window helps bring in sunlight throughout the day while giving your workspace more light in general. Natural light specifically helps boost productivity. Having a standing desk helps with blood flow and keeping joints and muscles not so stiff. Standing up and moving around will be better for the body than sitting behind a desk all day would be. Plants are another great item to help increase productivity. Investing in some plants in the office will help with removing toxins from the air as well as providing a mood boost. Having a style of filing cabinet or drawers under the desk will also help with organization and promote productivity. One last item that can help is by finding the perfect chair. Having an ergonomic chair in your office that can be customized to your body is the perfect solution to maximizing productivity. One that provides proper posture while supporting the whole body is key to creating the best work environment.

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