With the holiday season right around the corner, the season for crazy online shopping is right there with it. This time of year is also when order fulfillment becomes stressful for companies and their warehouses. However, kitting is the answer to all this madness. Kitting is the process of combining several individual items into one single unit that gets sold. You see this process a lot for subscription boxes. Placing individual items together in one box creates an even better purchase. Not only does kitting help create something new, but it also has many added benefits to companies and customers.

The Benefits

On the business side of kitting, there are enormous benefits. It helps increase profits and minimize costs. Combining multiple products in one order encourages customers to buy more products, therefore increasing sales and profits. Costs are minimized through packaging and shipping. Putting several individual items together decreases the need for more packages and lessens the shipping costs.

Kitting also helps increase warehouse efficiency. Kitting can be done in advance which decreases the time it takes to fulfill an order. Once the items are paired together and ready to go, the only thing left to do is package and ship. Kitting also creates faster shipping. One package will arrive a lot quicker than several smaller packages.

Custom Kitting

Not only is kitting great for quicker shipping, but it is also the perfect way to be unique. Custom kitting helps with just that. Create one of a kind gift by choosing your items, bundling them all together, and presenting them in a more eye-catching way. Gift kits are a simple way to make any product stand out from other businesses and give a more personalized experience to gift-giving at home. 

Custom kitting is also a great marketing tool. Placing items together creates more publicity for the range of items offered and the company as a whole. The unique display of products in a gift kit demonstrates the capabilities of a company and the dedication put into its products. The little finishing touches placed on custom gift kits can help sell any set of items to customers.


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