When you get into work every day, the first place you head to is your desk. This normally means 8 hours of sitting looking at a screen while you get your work done. You may be wondering, should I stand or sit? Studies have recently shown just how bad sitting all day is for you, showing standing can provide benefits throughout your day. This is where the standing desk comes into play. Ergonomic offices and standing desks have become the craze, and deserve all of the recognition they have received. Follow this blog to learn all of the benefits of investing in a stand-up desk.

Stand or Sit

Changing Office Habits

While studies have shown that sitting all day is not good for your health, neither is standing. Standing all day can be hard on your joints and cause knee or hip problems. Having the flexibility to move up and down all day, gives you the perfect balance to keep you more active throughout the day. By investing in an adjustable desk, you will give employees the option for a healthier workday, but you are not enforcing that they change any current habit. This will allow them to make the decision themselves, therefore you will get less push back.

Stand or Sit

Health Concerns

So, now that you have heard about the adjustable desk, you might be wondering, what are the real benefits? First, sitting for extended periods of time can increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes. This is because sitting all day is not good for your circulatory system. In addition to this, sitting all day can lead to weight gain. By sitting all day you are not burning the calories you are intaking all day, therefore causing you to gain a few extra pounds. While you may not be worried about this in the short run, in the long run, this can lead you to different health risks, including diabetes.

Stand or Sit

Productivity Benefits

While these health reasons should be enough to convince you of the benefits, moving between standing up and sitting down has proven to help fatigue throughout the day. By engaging in physical activity, you will feel more energized about the work you are working on throughout the day. Overall, this will lead you to be more productive and engaged throughout the day on the work you have. Plus, you’ll leave the office with more energy and may even be able to cut a cup of coffee or two out from your day.

So, as you start to think about investing in a standing desk, you can see that it will not only benefit you during your workday but it can change your whole health. Even if you are still debating to stand or to sit, you now can see the different benefits an adjustable desk can give you. Considering office ergonomics can be essential as you head back into the post-pandemic office.

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