Whether you are at the office or on the go, everyone hits the mid-day hunger wave. When you head to the kitchen, some snacks to rev productivity throughout the day and subside these cravings. So, instead of grabbing the first items insight, follow this blog for a few snack items power through your day.


Rather than picking up a bag of chips or crackers instead, grab these snacks to rev productivity:

Snacks Rev Productivity


Packed with glucose and carbohydrates, bananas are the perfect snack to pick up. Glucose provides your brain with energy to stay alert and focused, so a banana is a great way to remain focused if you feel yourself drifting off. Also, the carbohydrates in bananas will allow you to stay fuller longer, avoiding any unnecessary trips to the kitchen or breakroom throughout the day.

Snacks Rev Productivity


Almonds are a great way to fuel yourself throughout the day. With high healthy fats, almonds will give you the ability to stay full without feeling lethargic. Another benefit is that these snacks are easy to carry and do not need to be refrigerated, so it is perfect if you are on the go. This snack will allow you to stay productive and engaged to complete any task on your plate.

Snacks Rev Productivity

Dark Chocolate

Craving something sweet throughout the day? Dark chocolate is the perfect solution to cut this craving. With its’ caffeine and sugar levels, this is the perfect wake up in the middle of the afternoon without overloading yourself with caffeine. The magnesium in dark chocolate can also help you reduce stress throughout the day. So, whether you are having a tough day or looking for a sweet treat, dark chocolate is perfect for you!

Snacks Rev Productivity


Blueberries are antioxidant-packed and can fill you up without making you feel full. While blueberries have many physical health benefits, they also contribute to better cognitive health. So you not only get to enjoy the great taste of blueberries, but you are increasing attention-span and cognitive abilities.


While all of these snacks listed above are great options to choose from throughout the day, they are not all of our first choices. I realize that these snacks may not be your first thought, these few items are a great way to power your day and help you maximize productivity. 



Below are a few items to skip next time you’re looking for a snack.

Snacks Rev Productivity


While these might sound and taste good during consumption, these items are bad news. You will initially feel great and full of energy, but soon the crash will hit, and you will go back to feeling lethargic. The sugar rush will either leave you hungry or with an upset stomach. If you are looking for something sweet, reach for a fresh piece of fruit or dark chocolate to satisfy that sensation.

Snacks Rev Productivity

Salty Snacks

Although it is easy to reach for a bag of chips or pretzels, this is not your friend. Salty snacks will leave you dehydrated and hungry quickly. You will end up eating more, making you feel bloated and unsatisfied. Instead of keeping salt as your friend, choose a snack like mixed nuts or trail mix. These items will satisfy this craving while also having some health benefits.

No matter when your cravings hit next, this guide provides healthy alternatives to highly processed foods. By skipping those options, you will feel better throughout the day and stay on task. By choosing the right options, you can have snacks to rev productivity throughout the day.

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