Maintaining a safe work environment should be a top priority for office managers. To minimize stress and promote peace of mind among employees, make sure you are prepared for any potential accidents. There are countless safety items that an office should have on hand but here is a list of the essentials that every office space needs to invest in.

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First Aid Kit

Even if you are not working in a warehouse or construction site where injuries are more common, there should always be a fully stocked first aid kit on hand. Trips, falls, and accidents can happen in offices too, and having an accessible first aid kit will make all the difference in the world. The most important components to include are those that help with cuts and bruises, like ice packs and bandaids. Burn dressing and splints will come in handy if there happens to be a fire or tornado.

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Biohazard Kit

Similar to a first aid kit, a biohazard kit might not seem as necessary to have in an office space. Although, it’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared. You will be thankful you have a biohazard kit when there are blood spills and other bodily fluids that need to be cleaned up. It is very important to clean these things up properly to keep other employees safe from diseases.

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Emergency Lighting

Keeping flashlights with fresh batteries on hand will save the day if there is ever a power outage. Installing other emergency lighting sources to highlight exit paths will also serve as a great backup plan in an emergency. These are safety features that can help you avoid having to use your first aid and biohazard kits.

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Fire Safety

A fire extinguisher is probably one of the first safety features that offices install, and it is a crucial element. Simple items such as a coffee maker or microwave can start a fire. So, it is important to keep an extinguisher in areas that a fire is more likely to start. Make sure that all employees know how to use your fire extinguisher and that your extinguisher is regularly checked and is full. Fire alarms and smoke detectors will save lives and there should be multiple of them in various places throughout your office space. Keeping a fire logbook will be very useful to record maintenance on fire alarms and extinguishers. It is also handy to record your office’s fire escape routes and plans in case of a fire.

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Safety Cones

Another preventative measure against having to use a biohazard or first aid kit is using safety cones. They will warn people about spills on the floor or places receiving maintenance where they could possibly get injured. Safety cones protect against employee injuries and will reduce the chances of worker’s compensation claims.

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Hand Protection

Please keep safety gloves on hand, I promise you will not regret it. It is very important to wear gloves when dealing with hazardous chemicals, bodily fluids, broken glass, and any other spills that might happen. Basic medical gloves as well as cut-resistant safety gloves should be kept handy in the office space. They will most likely be worn while using your handy biohazard kit to protect yourself while cleaning.

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Safety Ladders and Stools

We would also recommend keeping ladders and stools in your maintenance closet. They will help you avoid having employees standing on chairs to reach things in high places, which might end in injury. Like the safety cones, this is a preventative measure against employee injuries and worker’s compensation claims. Even a small step stool can prevent a huge injury.

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Disinfecting Safety Supplies

After the past year, I really hope that every workplace in the world is fully loaded with disinfecting wipes and spray, hand sanitizers, and every germ-killing product known to man. The CDC provides a very detailed regime that your business can follow to make sure all of our surfaces are disinfected properly. Remember to also properly disinfect all electronic equipment and keep disinfecting products accessible to all employees. Make sure to encourage them to disinfect their spaces regularly.

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