What is the furniture design team?

Here at Office360, we specialize in many different areas and departments of office supplies, and one place we take pride in is our furniture department. Our furniture design team in particular is essential to gaining the full Office360 experience. It consists of Designers Aly Benshoof, Stephanie Lindley and Krista Black, along with the Manager Kathleen Hodnett. 

“We are a group of designers who assist you through the process from start to finish. We help you select the right furniture for your image and budget,” design specialist, Aly Benshoof said.

Furniture designers

How this furniture team is unique

It is all about helping the customer get the best furniture option for their space and budget. With the customer in mind, it gives this design team a lot of freedom and creativity to create an amazing workspace for any need. “Office360 offers over 300 manufacturers, so we can provide something for everyone’s needs,” Aly said. Having this capability provides variety and value for any items wanted by a customer. Designer Stephanie Lindley highlights how having a smaller team of six people is unique. “It helps us to divide duties so each of us can hone in on what is important when serving the customer,” Stephanie said.

More about our members

With this in mind, designer Krista Black said, “The uniqueness of our team is that we work well together by helping each other with all projects and products”. Having a strong team dynamic with the same goal in mind is key to what makes this furniture design team so great at what they do.

The furniture design team is a fun and unique part of Office360. With consistent customer help and strong creative skills from the designers, you are sure to get the perfect setup for any office need. 

Looking at our team members a little more, they were able to share their favorite part of being a member. Krista shares that her favorite part of this team is having support when she needs ideas or help with a project. Aly loves that the ability to grow and learn here is uncapped. “We all work together as one unit, which sets us apart from other dealers,” Aly said.

Our team also shared some of their favorite pieces of furniture from our collections, and they are worth taking a look at! Aly loves the unique lounge seating, particularly the Eklund Series from National Office Furniture. One of Stephanie’s favorite furniture pieces includes a modern bench from Cabot Wrenn

Office360 invites you to take advantage of this incredible team next time your office needs refreshing. 

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