When looking around a furnished building, it’s uncommon to see strictly plastic furniture. There is typically some type of upholstery, wood, leather, or vinyl piece, and these materials aren’t as simple to care for. Furniture maintenance and cleaning are not only essential for up-keep purposes but also for sanitary reasons. Educate yourself with general recommendations with this guide on how to clean your furniture, whether it’s wood, vinyl, polyester, leather, etc. to be prepared when necessary.

Plastic, Metal, Mesh, Vinyl

Plastic and mesh furniture

Using plastic, metal, vinyl, or mesh furniture is ideal for hygienic purposes. These surfaces are easy to clean with a bleach and water solution. Use a 10% dilution of bleach (90%) water, or a 1:10 ratio, to sterilize and disinfect the surfaces. Avoid overexposure, as continuous exposure could adversely affect the quality of the material. Some other ways to clean and disinfect these types of surfaces include soap and water, any mild household detergent/spray or disinfecting wipes. Always follow the disinfecting process with water and dry with a clean cloth to avoid discoloration or material degradation.


Wood office furniture

Use a hand duster to remove all dust and particles on the furniture, so it does not smear when liquids are introduced. Mix water, white vinegar, and mild dish detergent to make a cleaning solution (2 cups water, 1 cup white vinegar, and about five drops dish detergent). Use this solution to spray the furniture and wipe it clean with a damp cloth followed by a dry, lint-free cloth to get the furniture completely dry and free of excess moisture.


polyester furniture

You should begin the polyester cleaning process by vacuuming up all of the standing lint, dust, hair, crumbs, etc. on the furniture. After doing this, you can clean a piece of polyester furniture by diluting dish soap and using a sponge to lightly go over the entire surface. Drenching the fabric could damage it, so you want to make sure you are gentle with the sponge and careful with the amount of water you are using. If there are removable polyester covers, these can easily be taken off and thrown in the washer for a quick clean and disinfect. 


leather waiting room furniture

While cleaning leather, you want to make sure you are avoiding bleach because contact with bleach could cause the leather to discolor. Vacuum or dust the crevices and surfaces, then wipe with a soft, white dampened cloth. Use a solution of water and a little bit of dish soap. To use leather cleaner or saddle soap, you will need to test a small area first, to ensure there is no discoloration.

Cleaning and disinfecting your furniture is a key part of controlling sickness in the workplace. Always be sure to check and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to avoid damage to the product. If you would like additional resources on how to set up your workplace for changing safety and wellness standards, contact your sales representative or our customer service team to set up a free workplace wellness consultation.

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