Printing is inevitable. Whether you outsource to commercial printers, work with a retailer, or use Managed Print Services, your business will be going through lots of paper. Selecting a printing solution that compliments your business needs and requirements is vital from both a bottom line and a productivity standpoint.

Managed Print Services, or MPS, is a partnership with a printing provider who will take care of all aspects of your business printing devices. This includes printers, scanners, faxes, and copiers. The print provider is an expert in printing environment optimization and management. If your company relies on printing regularly, MPS is most likely the best option for your business. 

Here is a glance at how Managed Print Services can benefit your business. 

Managed Printing services

Analyze Printing Needs

IT departments tend to spend way too much of their time taking care of print needs. Frankly, it is not the most efficient use of their time. An MPS provider has experience analyzing all sizes of printing fleets. They have knowledge of equipment and pricing that will consider your business printing needs and budget, including scanning, printing, copying, and faxing. It may seem expensive to have someone who only takes care of printing needs. Considering the cost of printing hardware, supplies, maintenance, staff support, and potential losses from printer downtime, paying for MPS is very cost-effective.

Managed Printing services

Replace Inefficient Devices

MPS providers will help you identify machines that are underperforming. They will help you replace them with more efficient devices that better suit your company’s needs. MPS providers are experts who know the best printing devices available for your business needs and your budget. They’ll consider your printing history, business goals, and other important factors.


Employee Training and Aid

IT departments have their own tasks to attend and do not have the time to train every employee on how to use each device. Training employees and fixing their printing problems isn’t IT’s top priority, because it will prevent them from completing more important tasks on time. A MPS provider will provide employee training and is available with help desk support for print issues at all times. Therefore, by contracting an MPS provider you have one contact point for all of your printing needs. A single telephone call or email will resolve any printing problem. 


Print Remotely

Mobile printing will allow your employees to print remotely from any device. Being able to print directly from their laptops will save time and allow for many improvements for your business. Employees don’t even have to come into the office to print important paperwork. As a result, other employees don’t have to waste time looking for the document to print for out-of-office employees. MPS providers can help establish, maintain and provide troubleshooting support for your mobile printing environment.


Improve Print Security

Depending on the confidentiality of the work, your business might want to control access to documents and print devices so that confidential information is not put at risk. One of the greatest sources of security leaks in any office is paper documents. A solution is to this is MPS allows you to monitor and manage employees’ ability to print out sensitive office information. For example, customer contact lists or contracts would not want to be leaked. Device hardening is the process of reducing vulnerabilities in your devices. It can be aided by implementing printing security software provided by MPS. This solution reduces vulnerability by protecting your records and other personal information. 


Reduce environmental impact

Centralizing printing using MPS immediately reduces paper waste. The goal is for the amount of wasted paper to decline even if the number of printed reports don’t change. In addition, Managed Print Services promotes more efficient paperless processes. They do this by changing the way paper printouts are generated.


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