Having a space dedicated to work is a key factor in being your most productive self. If you’re constantly moving around, things can start to feel unorganized and chaotic. You want to have a specific space for work so you can keep all of your work items in one place. Constantly searching for misplaced chargers and supplies is an easy way to find yourself distracted from your to-do list. 

Once you have a room or space picked out, it’s time to make it your own as much as possible. Here are some tips on how to create your own perfect workspace:

Choosing Your Desk

workspace desk choice

Choosing a desk to work from can shape your work experience. It’s important to pick the proper desk based on your work style, the room it will be in, the theme of your office, and more. Here are some things to think about when choosing a desk:

  • What type of desk do you want?
    • Writing — open and large desktop with minimal storage
    • Computer — simple and efficient, provide space for computer components and storage
    • Executive — large work surface with maximum storage
    • Credenza — large workspace with added cabinets, shelves, drawers, and filing area
    • Corner — designed for efficiency in a small area, L-shaped
    • Floating — Wall-mounted
    • Sit-Stand — can be adjusted so you can either stand or sit while working
  • What material do you want?
    • Wood
    • Glass
    • Metal
    • Laminate
  • Do you want adjustable?
    • Some desks are adjustable, meaning you can change the height of them. This could be a good idea if you are working around windows and want it to fit under, if you think you will want to sit higher up or if you like changing things up often. This could also be done with a sit-stand desk, so you wouldn’t have to buy a completely adjustable desk. 
  • How much space do you need?
    • Many people need a lot of space to move around and spread out while working, especially if you need multiple screens, writing space, etc. Thinking about this is important before buying a desk because the wrong size could stop you from using it. 

Selecting the Right Chair

Choose the Right chair

A good chair is just as important as a desk when thinking about productivity. If you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair, chances are you won’t want to be sitting there for very long. Some things to think about when choosing a chair are:

  • How much support does it have?
    • A good chair will support your back to avoid strains and discomfort. Take it to another level by looking for chairs that have adjustable lumbar support so you can customize it to your own back. Make sure the armrests are comfortable to your standards and everything sits in the correct place.
  • Is it adjustable?
    • Whether you’re looking for an adjustable chair, or you don’t want one, this is something to think about. Some chairs have adjustable height, armrests, headrests, and more. Choosing an adjustable chair could help you make the chair more comfortable for your personal preferences. 
  • Is the fabric breathable?
    • The temperature of a room and your body is always changing. To avoid getting hot and uncomfortable, you should make sure the chair is breathable
  • Is it movable?
    • Some people need a chair that they can move around an office easily, some people don’t. Some people want a chair that swivels, some people don’t. It’s all about personal preference, so if movability is important to you, make sure you are choosing a chair that matches up. 

Importance of Natural Lighting

lighting in your workspace

Incorporating natural lighting is necessary for the workplace because it can reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Natural light can help improve health, mood, and productivity. Something about being able to see natural lighting makes you feel connected to the outside world. Working in a room with no windows can make you feel disconnected and unproductive. If possible, try to pick a workspace that has a window.

Color Scheme Impacts Mood

Bring color into your office

Now that you have the basics picked out (desk, chair, and lighting) you can really start personalizing your workspace to be your own. Bringing color into your space can have a large impact on your mood while working there. Here are a few colors and the moods they can produce:

  • Blue – Integrity, knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and imagination
  • Red – Self-confidence, courage, drive, trust, passion, and self-awareness
  • Yellow – Confidence, wisdom, strength, optimism, curiosity, and freedom
  • Green – Peace, balance, harmony, hope, compassion, growth, and healing
  • Purple – Class, dignity, imagination, focus, determination, and opportunity
  • Orange – Creativity, enthusiasm, self-respect, motivation, and energy
  • Grey – Perseverance, insight, reflection, eloquence, and communication

Creating a color scheme helps you make the room or space your own by incorporating the colors you love and the right mood for your space.

Pictures Personalize Your Space

pictures bring personalization

One of the most personal things you can do to make the space your own is adding pictures to it. Adding pictures of friends, family and happy times in your life is a great way to bring positive energy to the workplace. Choosing photos that spark joy in your soul is a great way to keep your mind inspired. 

Many people use pictures as motivation. Think about the reasons you put your all in every day. Is it for your family? For your future goals? Frame pictures of your family so you can see it every day when you’re working hard. Create a mood board to display all the things you’re working towards. Bring your dreams to life on the walls of your workspace, the background of your computer, or through pictures on your desk.

Decorations Bring Additional Style

decorate your workspace

The last final touch on personalizing your desk, workspace, or office room is decorations. You can hang decorations on the wall, prop them up against the wall, put them on your desk, or put them wherever is convenient. You can get as creative as you want with these decorations—you can even do some DIY projects. DIY projects are a great way to add character to your workspace and make it completely your own. 

We spend many hours and days at our desk doing work, so it’s important to make it your own. If this blog inspired you in creating your own personalized workspace we would love to see pictures. Leave us a comment and let us know if you have any other ideas for creating the perfect personalized workspace!

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