The Holiday season is right around the corner, which can be a stressful time for many companies as the year is coming to a close. Being laser-focused on getting things ready for the following year instead of business right now is an easy mistake. What many fail to realize is that the Holiday season is a significant opportunity to boost business. While this is the time that many people take off to spend time with family, if you plan ahead of time, the holiday season also gives companies a chance to gain even more sales. Here are some tips to maximize sales during the Holiday Season and get your company noticed:

Schedule and Plan a Content Calendar

Planning content

A scheduled content calendar is essential for a successful Holiday Season. With all of the individual Holidays coming up, you want to avoid missing out on any opportunity. Get ahead and avoid stress by scheduling out all of the content for the season, including social, emails, blogs, and more. Share the content calendar with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page at all times. Planning is essential because you have to remember this is when people take time off. A scheduled content calendar leaves no room for mistakes or forgetting.

Engage on Social Media

While social media is always a useful tool for boosting business, you should be using your platform extra to connect with customers and leads during the holidays. This time of year allows the opportunity to push out content and gain attention to your brand. Communicate any sales, rewards, or programs going on. Use social to show your appreciation for customers. Maybe this is where you could do a holiday giveaway to gain followers and leads that you may not reach from regular posting. Hosting a giveaway encourages individuals to share your content and follow along with your social media for a period of time. 

Send out Holiday Gifts

Holiday Season Gift

Sending your customers gifts around the holidays allows you to show your appreciation while staying on their mind and keeping in touch. You want to remind your customers of your company in as many ways as possible. Some good gifts to send are: popcorn, chocolate, gift cards, thank you cards, etc. The best approach to sending a gift is to make sure to avoid tying it in with a sales approach. Gift them something without trying to sell them something, and they will appreciate it a lot more. Using a gift to gain sales makes it insincere.

Offer Discounts for Loyal Customers and New Customers

A discount can catch an eye quickly. When deciding on discount items, percentages, and prices, you can analyze your customer base and sales. What do customers typically buy around this time? What products sore in sales during the holidays? Looking at sales can give you all the information you need when choosing which products to discount. Offering discounts and deals on products that your customers are known to buy around this time will make it impossible for them to resist. If your customers feel that you are helping them out by discounting products that they love, they will feel valued. If your customers feel they are valued, they will keep coming back to your company for more, making them easier to retain.

Along with treating your existing customers to discounts, you can also offer discounts to new customers. Nothing can draw in a new customer like a good discount on quality products. The holiday season brings an opportunity to reach out to new leads and focus attention on your company.

Build a Customer Referral Rewards Program

customer referral

Offering referral rewards for a limited period can encourage your current customers to share your business with people they know. Even if those people decide not to use you, they may know someone who could. This word of mouth method could get customers in front of you that may never have been. Doing this also gives you another opportunity to show your customers that they are valued, which goes back to customer retention. If you treat your customers well, they will want to refer your company to others. 

Personalize Emails

personalizing emails during the holiday season

Personalized emails are part of a solid marketing plan. They allow you to send personal messages to your customers and make them feel special and appreciated. While this is a good strategy throughout the year, it gives you the chance to set yourself apart from others during the Holidays. You can even go as far as personalizing the emails based on your customer’s purchase history/preferences. 

While you can use email to personalize selling, you can also use it as an opportunity to thank them for their business. You can share the highlights of the year for your company and how they played a part. Using email is just another way that you can stand out from competitors or other brands. 

Run a Holiday Season Sale

Sale during holiday season

Decide which products you are going to discount and sell, sell, sell. With Cyber Monday and Black Friday rolling around, customers are always looking for a deal. Appeal to everyone by offering discounts during the holidays, and this will keep their attention on your company. Offering a sale could give current or new customers the reason they needed to purchase more or start purchasing. Around the holidays is when shopping habits increase all over. People are trying to buy presents, so allow them to do so with good deals and discounts throughout your company catalog.

No matter which holiday you are celebrating, incorporating some festivity into your marketing strategy will help you relate to customers. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to boost sales during the holiday season with the tips in this blog.

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