Printing around the office is one of the areas your office can make a huge change to help the environment. Printing excess items and not recycling items leads to waste which negatively impacts our environment. Follow this blog to learn easy ways to implement green printing throughout the office.

Green Printing Tip #1: Print Double-Sided

Printing documents is inevitable, but there are ways to make your printing more sustainable. By printing on both sides of the sheets of paper, you will use significantly less paper on each print job. While this may not seem like a lot for one print job the more your office prints, the more this impact this step will have. By using 50% less paper over the year, your company will spend less on paper and become more sustainable over time.

green printing

Green Printing Tip #2: Turn Your Printers on Power Saving Mode

Throughout the day, there are several times that your printer is on but not printing anything. By having it on, you are using significant amounts of energy that is unnecessary. If you set your printer to eco-friendly mode, your printers will go to sleep when not in use and overall, not use as much power throughout the day. In addition to the environmental impact, your energy bill every month will be less ultimately benefitting your business more. HP offers some good eco-friendly alternatives in order to reduce the energy your printer is using.

Green Printing Tip #3: Recycle Ink Cartridges & Print Devices

Ink cartridges are something that you will regularly need to repurchase, so instead of throwing them away, start recycling them. Throwing ink cartridges away is extremely harmful to the environment and there are programs to help prevent this and recycle more. HP has awesome ink cartridges and a recycling program to help be more sustainable. The recycling program allows you to earn business rewards that can be redeemed when buying HP products. To show the impact of this program, HP is planning to recycle 1.2 million tons of material between 2016 and 2025. This will have a significant impact and help to make the printing industry more environmentally friendly.

Green Printing Tip #4: Use Printer Friendly Formats

When printing throughout the day, you may need to print a screenshot of a webpage or pictures to show your work. While this essential, there are ways to be sustainable while doing this. Using options to use less ink or getting rid of extra spaces in the document will allow you to use less unnecessary materials. In addition, deleting unnecessary items from web pages when printing will help conserve what you are using.

All and all, there are ways to print the essential items for your office and still continue to promote green printing in the office. Becoming sustainable in printing in the office will make a large difference in the office. This will impact your whole office sustainability and encourage a change throughout other areas in the office. Ensuring green printing is important and will encourage recycling in other ways throughout the office.


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