Making sustainability fun around the office takes everyone to make a difference. Getting everyone involved will help make your office eco-friendly while also having fun. By making different challenges and incentives, employees will see the benefit of being more sustainable in the office. This will not only help your business and morale in the office but make an impact on the environment around you. Follow this blog to learn some ways to make sustainability fun around the office.

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Create Employee Committees

The best way to get employees involved in sustainability is to give them a voice. By organizing committees throughout the office, your office will be more engaged and likely to respond to initiatives. The more people you can get to promote sustainability, the more likely you are to get a positive response. By creating committees, you invite all ideas to create a better office space for everyone. This allows everyone to be heard and make change office policies to help the environment in the long run.

Have Departments Compete in Minimal Waste

Competition is a perfect solution to encourage engagement in sustainability initiatives. By making the activities a game, employees are likely to get more involved and competitive. A perfect competition idea is splitting the office up by department to encourage initiatives. One challenge could be is to see which department can have the smallest amount of waste for the week. This will encourage employees to ditch single-use plastic and bring more reusable items. For the department that wins, you can offer incentives like treats, company swag, or prizes.

Allow Work From Home

Although COVID has prohibited many from coming into the office, as you start to phase your employees back to an in-person environment consider allowing them to work from home for a day or two a week. Driving to the office daily has a significant negative impact on the environment. By eliminating employees in the office one day a week your office will take down weekly pollution by 20%. Furthermore, most employees look forward to working from home at least one day a week. So, allowing employees to work from home, is a win-win for your company.

Include Employees in Family-Friendly Activities

Getting the office involved in activities outside of work to help the environment is a great way to make an impact. Not only does it boost comradery, but it allows everyone to help. Some ideas to get engagement are cleaning up a park, making bird feeders, or an office hike. All of these ideas allow both your employees and their families to get involved in fun activities.

Whether you are fully back in the office or not, making sustainability fun is extremely important. Helping the environment while also boosting morale in the office is something that is beneficial to everyone. Using the ideas in the blog find ways to make a positive impact on the com

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