SDS binder and sheets

What’s in Your Binder?

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to a work environment. Working around dangerous chemicals and large machinery all day can become harmful if not done the proper way. To ensure that chemicals are well known and handled with proper care, it is required by the government to have an SDS (safety data sheet) binder that is available to all employees. According to OSHA, “all employees who work with dangerous chemicals in any capacity, including transporting, storing, handling or working with them must have access to Safety Data Sheets”. If a company does not have SDS sheets, it can be fined over $12,000 for violation.

The pages of this binder hold all crucial ingredients, safety information, and reactions to each chemical that is in certain products. It also holds hazard pictograms for easy-to-follow instructions and reference in case of an emergency. An example of a product that would be displayed in these binders would be a 50-gallon drum of glue. If this product was intended to be broken down and put into smaller containers, it then has the possibility of being mishandled and should be added to the SDS binder. An 8-ounce bottle of this same glue that can be bought at your local store, is considered a consumer product and therefore does not need an SDS sheet. 


SDS center

All Your SDS Binder Needs at Office360

Now that you know what goes into this SDS binder, where can you find all of it? The answer is of course Office360. Once again being your one-stop shop for all your safety needs. Office360 has everything to make your employees’ lives easier and safer. The binder is available for purchase on our website and each product has a downloadable SDS sheet. We make it easy and quick. Customers also have the ability to reach out to our company for their own copies of certain SDS sheets. 

Once you have your binder, don’t forget to purchase a SDS information center. This can also be referred to as a right-to-know center. The main purpose of this localized center is to have an easily accessible and central spot to find all the crucial safety information. Never have to worry about your lack of work safety again when you put your trust in Office360. 

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