Getting back to the office is going to be essential, but so is recycling in the office. It is important to show your employee’s easy ways to recycle to help encourage more participation. With increased participation, your office will become more sustainable which is good for the environment and for your business. Follow this blog for ways to make recycling easy around the office.

easy ways to recycle

Create a Space for Recycled Office Supplies

In addition to recycling paper and plastic, many office supplies are harmful to the environment if not recycled. Designating a spot for these items is extremely important and an easy way to educate employees on additional items to recycle. By making an easy-to-read sign for items like ink cartridges and batteries, employees will be able to learn the proper ways to recycle these items. Many printing companies will help you recycle these items and provide rewards programs that ultimately help your business.

Run Weekly Recycling Challenges

While you may have started a recycling program, what are you doing to encourage your employees to care? One way to encourage engagement through the office is by making a challenge or competition. By providing weekly challenges that have incentivizes employees, more people will be willing to take action and make changes to help the environment around the office. The competition will ultimately motivate people especially if it is to their benefit. Offering incentives like getting to go home an hour or two on Friday is a great way to encourage sustainability in the office.

easy ways to recycle

Introduce Centralized Recycling Bins

Having recycling bins in the office is a step in the right direction, but it is important to ask yourself if your employees actually know where to and what to recycle. Having recycling bins in main areas like breakrooms and communal spaces, your employees are much more likely to use them. In addition, it is important to make recycling easy so everyone will participate. One way to do this is by having multiple labeled bins so your employees know how to sort their recycling. In addition, having a recycling container in the copy room is a way to ensure the paper is being recycled instead of thrown out. Strategically placing your recycling bins throughout the office will not only make recycling easier but will ensure more people in the office participate.

easy ways to recycle

Opt-out of Disposable Breakroom Items

As your employees use the breakroom more, it is time to replace the typical styrofoam cups and paper plates. Instead, use reusable coffee mugs and plates in order to reduce waste and encourage sustainable habits. Employees will not be tempted to throw things out if they are using reusable items. This will help your employees make more environmentally conscious choices.

Overall, making some of these changes will help your office become more sustainable. By switching a few items and encouraging through competition, your office will ultimately help the health of the environment. These initiatives will change your business for the better and help the community around you.

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