Nowadays, there is an endless number of office chair options available. You can find anything from ergonomic chairs that help prevent musculoskeletal disorders, to saddle chairs that are made to improve posture and core strength. When choosing for yourself, you could go for the comfort route to support your body, a luxury design to improve your office look, or a treadmill feature to keep your body moving. Regardless of your preference, there is an option that is made just for you. Each chair may have its own unique design, but they all still share similar features.

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A Glossary of Common Chair Adjustment Features

Every office chair has its own unique feature and selling point, but there are some features that they all include. Some of the most common features include a pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt adjustments, adjustable back height and arm adjustments. 

Seat Height adjustment

The seat height adjustment is the most common feature that you will come across. It is simply the ability to make the seat go up and down. It’s a quick and easy feature that lets you customize the chair to your liking. The key to using this specific feature is to have the seat at a comfortable height that makes your legs sit at a 90-degree angle to ensure good posture.


When it comes to the tilt on chairs, there is the ability to adjust the tension, lock the tilt, or a 2-to-1 feature. The tilt in general is the limit set on how much the chair rocks or reclines backward. Each chair has a limit as to how much tilt can be applied. When you find the perfect spot, you can lock the tilt to stay in that position. Tilt tension will also let you increase or decrease the amount of force that is needed to rock the chair. A 2-to-1 synchro-tilt feature is having the backrest recline twice as fast as the seat cushion does. It allows you to recline while keeping the seat level to the floor. 

Back Height

Back height adjustment is a prime feature when it comes to posture and back pain. It is a great way to ensure that there is enough support in the lumbar region or lower part of your back. When multiple people using the same chair, having a back height adjustment also helps accommodate each individual. Simply move the chair back up or down to have it tailored to everyone’s needs. Some chairs also offer the ability to adjust the back both vertically and in terms of depth. This can then help in finding the most comfortable seating posture for your specific body.

Adjustable Arms

Most chairs will also come with an adjustable arms feature. This sort of height adjustment is key to comfort. The ideal height is where the armrest should touch the bottom of the arm without any strain from the arm. Having pivoting armrests is a bonus. Being able to move your arms around when writing something down or typing is key to supreme comfort.

Back pain from bad posture at desk

The Importance of Proper Posture

Working behind a desk every day can cause tons of strain on the body. Not having a comfortable chair can worsen the problem even more. Bad habits of slouching and improper posture are very easy to come by, and can ultimately cause more issues for you in the future. Things such as fatigue, neck pain, digestive issues and spinal curvature can all occur. Poor posture can also affect your mood and lead to lower quality work performance. A slouched appearance also gives a bad impression through the body language that is being shown. Therefore, having proper posture is important. Proper alignment of the spine and body can improve your spine health as well as improving blood flow. This will help keep nerves and blood vessels healthy to support all muscles, ligaments and reduce issues with certain weight gain. It also will lessen the wear and tear on body tissues. Proper posture also helps improve memory and keep stress away. All in all, the proper chair can create a healthier lifestyle for your body.

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