Do you need the AeraMax Pro?

With more and more people returning to work, safety in the workplace has never been more crucial. Public places have a high risk of spreading germs through the air. AeraMax Air Purifiers transform any sized room into a safe space from germs, dust, and more. The AeraMax Pro is certified to remove aerosolized Influenza A viruses from the air and is therefore perfect for bathrooms, common areas, and shared spaces. 

Which AeraMax Pro is best for your specific needs? 

The AeraMax Pro AM2 air purifier is perfect for small spaces such as; bathrooms, exam areas, vestibules, and waiting rooms. If you are looking to protect people in public restrooms, lobbies, and large waiting rooms the AeraMax Pro AM3 is the one for you. This purifier uses PureView Technology that allows you to watch air cleaning in real-time. The digital display consistently reads the room, showing you the cleaning process and particles captured. Have a large room to protect? The AeraMax Pro AM4 is designed for rooms from 650 to 1,100 square feet like conference rooms, classrooms, locker rooms, and cafeterias. Each purifier is available as a floor stand, wall mount or recessed wall mount. 

Office360 can help!

The AeraMax Pro utilizes an array of patented self-regulating sensors to continuously monitor air quality and occupancy of the room to provide maximum protection to those inside. Contact your Office360 sales representative to keep yourself and others safe. 

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