We have all seen changes when it comes to the materials that we are so accustomed to using. Things like straws being replaced from plastic to paper, and other food packaging have switched from styrofoam to other paper materials. It is no surprise that we are beginning to take more measures to become an eco-friendly and sustainable environment for the future. This begins by getting rid of all the materials that pose a threat to our environment.

Is your office required to make a change?

In many different parts of the United States, the policy for using styrofoam is changing very quickly. At the beginning of the new year, New York banned the use of polystyrene foam containers in an effort to find other useful alternatives that were more eco-friendly. These styrofoam containers are most commonly used for food packaging items as well as things like packing peanuts, and even insulation for housing. These materials are impacting the environment and making an entrance into many different ecosystems that have had negative impacts on the environment.

The Problem with Styrofoam

One of the biggest problems we face with styrofoam products is that they are not as easily recyclable as other materials like papers or plastics and can take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose naturally. Only certain recycling plants have the resources to recycle this styrofoam material. That realization has opened the eyes to many businesses and other officials who in turn have made decisions to limit the amount of styrofoam being used within business operations and work to find alternatives that are sustainable for the future.

Styrofoam Alternatives

Whether you are using styrofoam plates, coffee cups, or utensils, Office360 offers many different alternative products such as paper and other plastic products that are much more eco-friendly and easily recyclable. At Office360, we are committed to using these eco-friendly alternatives to help better the environment and eliminate waste in any way we can. Our break rooms have highly recyclable materials that leave a very little carbon footprint and ensure sustainability throughout the entire company. We will continue to help wherever we can and help find alternatives to the styrofoam crisis and bring more sustainability to the world.

Check out our styrofoam alternatives on our website and start making an impact on the world today! 

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