When shifting your work environment to home, you may have scrambled to find a space. Although you may have found a spot in your dining room, kitchen, or maybe on the couch, these are not the best places to get work done throughout the day. Between the number of distractions as well as lack of comfort, it is time you start making some changes to your at-home office. Follow this blog to get a few tips on creating your best, most productive ergonomic space in your at-home office.

ergonomic space

Ergonomic Space Tip 1: Getting the Right Chair

When thinking of an office chair at home, you might be hesitant because of the cost or space it can take up. But, you do not have to spend a lot on a chair in order to see the benefit. Taking a few household items can help you make an ergonomic space. This will help your posture and create a better place to sit. When sitting at your desk, your elbows should sit comfortably on the desk and your feet should be flat to the floor. This will ensure you are not putting a strain on your back, and you are keeping proper posture throughout the day. If you are just using a basic straight-back kitchen chair, you may get uncomfortable throughout the day. By using a small, rolled towel, you can provide lumbar support. Using extra items laying around the house can help you create a better seat throughout the day.

ergonomic space

Ergonomic Space Tip 2: Adjusting your Desk Height

While working from home, moving throughout the day is essential to your productivity and your overall health. Experts suggest moving from sitting to standing every 20 minutes is extremely beneficial. One way to be able to make this happen is by investing in a standing desk. There are multiple standing desks on the market, so you will have a lot of options when choosing the best one for your space.  A sit-stand desk will allow you to move throughout the day without having to walk away from your work. This will allow you to keep up your productivity as well as create the best ergonomic space to work in.

ergonomic space

Ergonomic Space Tip 3: Monitor Placement

One thing you could overlook is where you place your monitors or laptop. Protecting your neck, back and eyes is essential. A way you can address this is through your monitor placement. Your monitor should be at an arm’s length distance from you. In addition to this, it should sit at eye level, so you are not hunched over or out of a neutral position. One way you can fix this is with a monitor or laptop stand. This can elevate your monitors or laptop to prevent any neck strain. Once you have your monitor in the right place, you will protect your neck, back, and arms. If you are looking for one step up, you can invest in a pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes from the strain of looking at a screen all day.

By following these few steps, you will be able to transform your space at home into an ergonomic office. This will protect you and keep you productive throughout the day. In addition, these tips above show you how you can make small, inexpensive changes in order to make a large positive impact on the workspace.

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