Having coffee throughout the workplace is central to your office. Most employees will need a cup to start their day, so having coffee in the office is a great perk for your space. In today’s workplaces, almost all offices provide coffee making it is essential to office life as people move back to in-person spaces. Coffee is a very affordable way to show your employees are appreciated every day. Follow the blow below to learn the importance of having coffee in the workplace.

coffee in the office

Increased Productivity

Drinking caffeine can help with your focus and overall productivity throughout the day. Whether you are looking for your morning pick-me-up or a mid-day boost, coffee can help increase concentration throughout the day. Since coffee is a stimulant, it will help keep you more alert throughout the day which will improve how you perform on tasks. So, having a coffee machine nearby is the perfect way to keep the office efficient, focused, and productive.

coffee in the office

Breaks Lead to Healthier Office

Getting up from your desk and taking a 5-minute break to go get coffee is a perfect way to break up your day and increase your productivity. Getting up and walking around is proven to be healthier than sitting at a desk all day. This gives you a little break to refresh and re-lock in when you get to your desk. This break can help people step away when they are stressed or overwhelmed and have a minute to process the problem they are being faced with. Having a break in all of these scenarios gives employees a good coping method when dealing with these problems.

coffee in the office

Boost Employee Morale

Many people drink coffee because they not only enjoy the effects but also the taste. Having good coffee in the office gives something for employees to look forward to daily. This will boost their mood and keep them in the office more. In addition, caffeine being a stimulant will boost people’s moods and keep them more engaged throughout the office boosting morale. By showing care for their wellbeing with items like coffee and tea, employees will feel valued and overall better. Coffee is an easy way to boost this morale and increase your positive perception of employees.

Increase Comradery Throughout Office

A breakroom is a place for employees to get together and get to know one and other. By putting a coffee machine in the breakroom, more people will flock to the breakroom from time to time to get their cup of coffee. This will increase socialization throughout the office as many people will be in an open workspace which will allow them to communicate with one and other. This promotes people getting up from their desk and engaging with people that they may not necessarily talk to without the small talk within the breakroom.

Having Coffee will Prevent People from Leaving

By having coffee in the office you will eliminate the need for employees to leave and go grab coffee throughout the day. This will lessen their time away from their computer ultimately increasing productivity. By eliminating this extra wasted time throughout the day, your employees will be more productive while staying focused on the coffee.

coffee in the office

Increase Open Office Environment

An open office is starting to become essential as the need for human interaction and creativity has increased. To open your office up, encourage people to grab a cup of coffee together to get to know each other and talk about their different functions within the business. This will allow departments to work cross-functionally and have a smooth introduction. By having a cohesive office, co-workers will get closer together which will have them all work together for the common benefit of the company as a whole.

Having coffee in your office is almost non-negotiable at this point. This is something many expect and look forward to daily. When returning to the office consider these reasons to either add or upgrade your coffee program within the office.

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