Bringing all of your employees back to the office is a nice refresh heading into the summer months. While we will all be excited to see co-workers and bring back-office comradery, planning ways to stay healthy is extremely important. Keeping your office clean is one way that you can keep your staff safe day-to-day. Although sanitizing is important, there are ways to be eco-friendly while also killing germs around the office. Follow this blog to learn more about environmentally sustainable ways to clean your office!

cleaning the office

Understand Ingredients in Products Used

People tend to look past chemicals when analyzing our sustainability efforts as many of us want to feel like we are in a clean space. When picking up a spray bottle from the cleaning closet most of us are not looking to see what chemicals are in the products. To avoid using these harmful products, your office can switch to green alternatives for your general cleaning products. One brand that is a great alternative is Seventh Generation. These products are significantly better for the environment, and also kill 99.9% of germs making them perfect for the office.

cleaning the office

Steam Cleaning

When deep cleaning the office, steam is your best friend. Not only is steam powerful, but it is also one of the most eco-friendly ways to clean your office. We suggest using steam during an annual carpet clean. Steam is also great to clean tile floors and remove all of the dirt from them seamlessly. Not only is steam a great cleaner, but you also can remove any abrasive chemicals you use to clean making your cleaning habits better for the environment.

cleaning the office

Remove Single-Use Items

Many people have started to move away from single-use plastic. However, it is always a good reminder to check on your sustainable policies and eliminate as much single-use waste as possible. By encouraging people to use reusable cups, water bottles, and utensils, you can eliminate the waste that can head to the landfill. In addition, for the single-use items you cannot get rid of, start recycling programs in order to ensure that these items are not going to waste.

cleaning the office

Air Quality in the Office

Cleaning your air filters is something that can easily be missed with your business schedule. Dusty air filters will make your office dirtier because of the dust that comes out of them. Cleaning your filters regularly will help the air improve in the office, keeping your office healthier. Also, adding plants into your space will keep the air cleaner and boost morale throughout the office.

All and all, a cleaner office will make a happier office. By making smaller changes you can have a clean and environmentally friendly office. This will not only make you feel good but make a significant impact on the environment.


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