When the winter months roll around and have everyone stuck inside, is the perfect time of year to bring everyone closer together to boost morale and team bonding. As the excitement for the holiday season dwindles, typically so does morale. This can make for a long, dreary season. It’s essential that company leaders are always looking for ways to boost morale, but especially in the cold winter months. 

Make the Office Warm and Welcoming

warm office

Employees spend the majority of their time at the office. In winter, they’ll both arrive and leave in the dark. It’s essential to make their workplace a warm, inviting, and comfortable place to be. You don’t have to go crazy but implementing a few small touches can really make a difference. Leave tea and coffee supplies in the breakroom, and leave snacks for them to enjoy on their breaks. It’s the small things that will really make a difference to your employees.  Not only will it motivate them throughout the winter to keep on producing high-quality work, but it’ll also instill a deeper level of employee morale in general.

Offer a Work-From-Home Day

Work From Home Day

Not only is it dark when employees are coming and going from the office, but in the winter it also gets more difficult to commute with the cold and snowy weather. Show your employees that you value their time by offering them the opportunity to Work From Home one day a week. You could also allow them to dress down if their job requires them to be in the office to help them stay comfortable. 

Encourage Physical Activity

Encourage Exercise in winter

When it gets cold, we tend to hunker down and not move to try and conserve energy. Encourage your employees to get up and move around throughout the day. We get used to being so cold and not wanting to do anything, we become lazy and it hinders our productivity. When employees get together and work out, they’re able to build bonds and achieve more together. If you have some extra room in the budget, you could offer to sponsor employees’ gym memberships if they want to stay active.

Remind Employees of Any Unused Vacation Time

Encourage Vacation Time

Alongside wages and group benefits, paid time off is an important piece of employees’ benefits. Ultimately, building a credible, consistent PTO policy is key, especially if you know there are seasonality concerns around the holidays. Encourage your employees to spend time with their families and friends, but keep your company staffed enough to ensure there are no slips in service. You can get ahead of PTO requests with a fourth-quarter reminder email to employees to check their balances prior to the holiday rush. At the end of the day, honoring your employee’s needs to support their life priorities is important so be sure to stay flexible.

Holiday Gifts

Give Employee Gifts

Employee gifts are a worthwhile investment because it helps with boosting morale, retention, and overall job satisfaction. It’s important to put thought into recognition and employee appreciation gifts. When these gifts are given as a practice of gratitude and appreciation, the sincere effort shows. A great business gift can, and should, showcase your brand and your company’s mission and values. However, giving generic swag as a gift is a surefire way to disappoint. Make sure you’re being thoughtful and not recycling the unused company coffee mugs as holiday gifts. The good news is, it’s not that difficult to give gifts that are thoughtful and exciting to employees. Office360 helps companies create unique, thoughtful gifts for employees.

Utilizing these small steps will go a long way to boost morale and keep your employees happy. It’s so easy to slip into the funk of winter and watch your productivity and employee morale disappear. These tips will help you keep spirits high all the way to spring.

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