Something you might not know about Office360 is that when you are ordering furniture to redesign a breakroom, office space, etc., we offer designers and space planners to help out with the project at no extra cost. They will help you maximize your space, guide you through furniture selection, choose the right fabrics and finishes for your office, and reconfigure existing furniture. They will make sure the end result fits your image and budget. 

Maximize Workflow 

Your space should be conducive to the work you are doing in your office. A call center would need a very different setup than a marketing firm. An office planner will look at the entire organization, including the office procedures, workflow, and technology requirements. They will customize the layout so that it best suits the company culture and working processes. Your designer can ensure all of your space is being maximized

Improve Employee Productivity 

Space planners will create a more cohesive, visually appealing, and comfortable workspace for your employees. They can incorporate ergonomics and other features that will increase productivity in the office. In addition, designers can boost your efficiency by enhancing communication in the office. They can make the right changes to the layout and group relevant teams closer together for easier communication.

Office360 Designers Save Time and Money

Designers and space planners will speed up the process of revamping your office space, saving you time, money, and minimizing stress. They will help you reduce wasted space by strategically choosing the right furniture and placements of everything. As well as doing the job of an interior designer without having to shell out the money for one. Office360’s design and space planning services are completely complimentary. Without having to spend the money on a separate interior designer, you can invest more into high-quality furniture that will last longer. 

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