As your employees head back to the office, creating a VIP break room for your employees will be essential. While you may not be looking to break the bank with this, there are several simple changes in order to show your employees how valued they are. The breakroom is no longer an extra amenity to the office, but rather a space for collaboration and creativity. So, follow this blog to find ways to create a space for your employees to take a breath and refresh throughout the day.

VIP Break Room

VIP Break Room Tip 1: Create a Fun & Inviting Space

The breakroom is a great place to meet up with colleagues and blow off some steam in the middle of the day. Rather than just sharing a cup of coffee together, you can upgrade your breakroom with games and activities. By adding a ping pong table, board games, or puzzles you will have your employees engage in something interactive throughout the day that is not related to work. This will allow your employees to relax easier and take their minds off of what they may have going on throughout the day.

In addition to this, natural light is essential to your breakroom. It will open the space, make it feel inviting, and overall boost your employee’s moods. Especially as we inch deeper into winter, having the natural sunlight in the breakroom will benefit everyone in the office.

VIP Break Room

VIP Break Room Tip 2: Promote Social Interactions

Creating a social environment will also create a collaborative environment in the office. Whether you are looking to grab lunch with a friend or catch up with a colleague, the breakroom should be the perfect place to do this. By creating an open layout in the breakroom, you will be able to encourage social engagement within the office. In addition to this, sponsoring events during the workday to bring employees together is one way to help foster relationships in the office. By mixing tables and comfortable seating throughout the breakroom, you will be able to change the tone of the breakroom from a formal space to a communal space.

VIP Break Room

VIP Break Room Tip 3: Encourage Relaxation & Meditation

While it is important to make the breakroom a social and fun environment, it is also important to have a quiet space for employees to get away to relax. By creating a separate section of your breakroom, you will give employees a space in the office to wind down and take a few moments to reflect. In this space, you should provide comfortable seating options like couches and plush chairs to lighten the temper of this space. This will give your employees a space to recharge throughout the day to maximize productivity in the office.

Break Room Coffee Bar

VIP Break Room Tip 4: Supply Caffeine & Snacks

Having your breakroom stocked can take the breakroom to the next level. By being intentional about what items you put in your breakroom will allow you to provide pick-me-ups to employees throughout the day. One of the ways to show intentionality with this is by creating a coffee station. Take your coffee maker to the next level by providing multiple flavors, creamers, sugar, and any additional items your employees could want for coffee. By doing this you can amplify your space and show employees you are willing to cater to their needs throughout the day. If you want to take this concept even further, you can add pastries to this station for employees to enjoy with their daily coffee.

Adding a coffee bar to your breakroom will be able to energize your employees, but it is not a bad idea to also add an area for complimentary snacks. By providing healthy snacks in your breakrooms like mixed nuts, dark chocolate, or bananas, you will fuel productivity along with giving your employees a great workplace perk.

Creating the perfect breakroom environment for your employees will take your office to the next level. Allowing your breakroom to serve as a multipurpose space to fit each of your employees’ needs will show them how much you appreciate them. Although it may not be feasible to take all of these steps to create the VIP break room, improving this space in the office is essential.



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