Some companies struggle with getting themselves out there. A company can have everything to offer but without brand awareness, no one will even know. When building brand awareness you need to focus on repetition and relevance. Everything you do should get your name in front of other people to increase exposure and engagement. This list will give you 12 ideas to raise your companies brand awareness. 

Social Media Focus 

Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

Social media can be a very effective method of increasing brand awareness. Many people use social media as a part of their everyday routine, making it a convenient way for companies to reach people. Some things you need to think about on social media are: 

  • Hashtags

Hashtags help draw in people outside of your following to your account. Many people follow hashtags so it’s important to hashtag anything relevant to your post. People that follow that hashtag will then see it and click it if they are interested, which attracts more traffic.

  • Mentions

Whenever you post about another brand, product, or person, be sure to mention or tag them. This will get their attention and they may also share your post. This will entice more people to look at your content.

  • Interactive Posts

Getting people to interact with your posts is a key factor in raising awareness. If you can catch their attention, they may become interested in your company. You can create quizzes, polls, or surveys to interact with your audience and spread awareness about your brand and the things that it stands for.


Influencers as a Brand Strategy

Choosing to market through influencers allows a company to reach a niche segment of their target market. Influencers provide content to a very specific demographic, so advertising through them can help create a more personal and trusting form of communication. Influencer’s viewers are dedicated and loyal, so if they love a product or service, the likelihood that their followers will try it increases. This is a great way to reach a group of people that your company may not normally be able to reach. Consumers spend a lot of their free time on social media as a way to feel connected to their peers, so they form trust with influencers easily. It’s easier to connect with someone you feel similar to rather than a company, so influencer marketing can be a useful tool in creating meaningful relationships with your customers. These relationships are built more naturally and aren’t as forced when they come from a third party. 

Branded Packaging

Branding Packaging

When you send packages out, your customers must know where their package is coming from. Creating branded packaging can make things more exciting. People love colors and creativeness, so making sure your packaging speaks your brand is important. Your packaging can act as an additional marketing tool by catching outsider’s eyes and making them wonder what’s inside.

SEO Research

Practice Strong SEO to Increase Brand Awareness

If you want to increase brand awareness and recognition, you are going to need to work on your SEO strategy. Optimizing for SEO creates more traffic to the content you are creating and builds higher engagement for your blogs, websites, landing pages, etc. SEO ensures that your content is prioritized over other content so it’s a vital part of success. It’s important to come up with a strategy for SEO because, without it, your content will sit on the far pages of Google with no chance of exposure to new people. For a deeper dive into SEO check out this Article

Free Promotional Products to Customers/Clients

Promotional Products increase brand awareness

Everyone loves free stuff. Giving out free promotional products to your customers/clients is sure to keep them happy, while also marketing your brand. If they are using a koozie, shopping bag, phone charger, or other unique item, people are likely to ask questions about it. Some other gifts you can give to customers could be for the holidays or for hitting certain loyalty/money amount spent checkpoints. You want to make sure you are rewarding your customers and clients for supporting you. It’s important for them to feel appreciated and like the company they are supporting cares. When someone loves your company and brags on it, your brand awareness raises more and more.  

Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a useful tool in building brand awareness because it introduces your company and content to new audiences. Chances are the sites that you guest blog for have already built an audience so you will be exposed to an entirely different group of people. This can double your exposure and amount of views, generating more leads and subscribers to your blog. If you are writing relevant and useful content, people are going to be interested which increases brand awareness. You have to put yourself out there to get results, so begin by researching relevant blogs, creating a post, and promoting that content.  

Infographics & Visual Content

infographics Help Raise Awareness

Many people today are visual learners, creating a need for visual content in the marketing world. It’s not always simple to get someone’s attention with a good blog post, but if there are pictures or infographics, you may be able to get more people’s attention. Creating infographics for your social platforms is a great way to spread brand awareness in a creative and informative way. You can summarize your blogs into an infographic to draw more people in, announce events, write information about your company, or anything you feel necessary. Making sure your website, social content, blogs, landing pages, etc. aren’t just words is important for those visual learners out there. Not only are people visual learners, people care about the aesthetic now more than ever. Making sure that your content is attractive is an important aspect of making sure people want to initially view your content.  

Demos, Free Trials, Samples

Demos and Free Trials Give Customers a Taste of Your Brand

Again, people love free stuff. Free items or services raise brand awareness because there’s nothing in it for you and has everything to do with your customers. People love feeling like you care about them, and aren’t just in it for the money. Not everyone can afford to hand out free items, but some great and affordable ways for you to allow people to get a feel for your company are: 

  1. Give samples of products
  2. Offer services like a free coffee tasting or a free quote on furniture
  3. Allow people a trial period with your company

Community Involvement

Donate Time to the Community

Getting involved is an important part of creating a positive brand image and increasing brand awareness. Involving your company in the community is a great way to give back and can even lead to networking with other companies and potential clients. Sponsoring local events, getting involved with local schools or organizations, and hosting events for the community will spread the word about your company with a positive connotation due to your service. 


Giveaways Increase Brand Awareness

More free stuff? When they can be afforded, giveaways are an effective way of increasing your engagement on social and email. Giveaways draw people to your account by requiring them to follow or like, share, and maybe even tag someone. This encourages people to share your company with other people that they know. It’s a direct and efficient way to spread awareness about your brand and it could potentially generate new leads. If you want to do a giveaway involving other companies’ products, they may even send you stuff for free. It can be an affordable way to make your customers happy and spread awareness of your company. 


Partnerships in Business

Partnering with another company allows you access to their customer base, automatically giving you exposure to an entirely new group of clientele. Whether it’s a big company or not, you are still spreading brand awareness. A partnership is a great deal because you are both helping each other get more exposure. A lot of companies partner for different events to cut costs in half which benefits you both. 

Public Relations 

PR is there to make sure your company stays connected to the world. This means communicating any big news your company has and anything that goes on within. Keeping connected with the public is key in creating a positive image for your company and spreading brand awareness.

 Anything you do can be considered as raising brand awareness. From posting on your social channels to creating content for your blog and website to partnering with other companies. Following this list will give you an excellent starting point in making a difference for your brand and getting the company name out there. 

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